Honey Flavor Guide

Spun Honey Flavors

Cinnamon – The sweet spice of cinnamon spun with honey for a spreadable, edible treat! Our most popular flavor.

Cinnamon Pecan – Our spun cinnamon honey spread with toasted Georgia pecan pieces.

Chocolate – 100% pure honey spun together with dark, rich cocoa to create a spreadable, edible treat. Delectable!

Pumpkin Spice – We spun our 100% pure honey together with cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices. Just like Mama’s pumpkin pie!

Lemon Poppy Seed – What happens when you spin honey with lemon and poppy seeds? Pure, citrusy, crunchy magic. Try it on a toasted English muffin, or spread it over pound cake.

Peppermint –  Smooth, bright peppermint meets warm, delicious honey. Perfect in tea. You can mix this with our Chocolate Spun Honey for a delectable chocolate-mint duo!

100% Pure Spun – We take pure honey and we spin it into spreadable gold. The best you can find!

Vanilla – Our 100% pure honey spun together with Madagascar vanilla beans. Perfection!

Blueberry (Seasonal) – Our 100% pure honey spun together with blueberries!  Your biscuits will never be the same. But be sure to get it now, because this treat is only available seasonally.

Black Raspberry (Seasonal) – Mrs. B’s personal favorite flavor. One taste of our pure honey spun together with juicy black raspberries and you’ll never want any other spread.

Strawberry (Seasonal) – Great for kids! This treat combines our 100% pure honey and delicious strawberries and no added sugar or preservatives.  A great way to add flavor to your child’s favorite meal, snack or drink!

White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut (coming soon) – Our 100% pure honey dreamily spun together with rich white chocolate and toasted macadamia nuts. Indulge!

Liquid Honey Flavors

Lavender & Vanilla – We combine lavender and vanilla in our 100% pure honey for a flavor combination that’s divine. Try it in tea, baked goods, or straight from the biscuit.

Lemon – Pure, sweet honey and bright lemon. Perfect for hot tea and even a hot toddy.  Add it to cold drinks, or use it plain for a sweet take on lemonade.

Pink Peppercorn & Rosemary – Pure, sweet honey with earthy rosemary and cracked pink peppercorns. This one is perfect for glazing meat. You can also make a great cocktail or drizzle it over ice cream!

Rosemary – 100% pure honey and delicious, earthy rosemary. It’s an amazing combination in tea or cocktails. Try it on a biscuit or in your greens!

Sweet Heat (Chili Pepper Hot) – Where it all began! 100% pure honey gets a spicy kick from Brazilian hot peppers. It’s amazing!